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5 homeschooling styles for autistic pre-schoolers

Sorry for the long hiatus! As you know, 2020 happened and that basically meant that everything has changed. I’ve started dabbling into the world of homeschooling as my 3 year old autistic son no longer attended pre-school. I thought I’d share some information on the types of homeschool syllabus I found suitable for pre-schoolers with autism.

Post Autism Diagnosis 0

6 Things We Did Post-Autism Diagnosis

It can be truly challenging keeping emotions in check (not only your own, but those close to you), while keeping a clear head to learn what autism and neuro-diversity is, all while trying to figure out what is best for your child. At times, it may feel like you don’t do enough of everything to help your child and it is perfectly normal to feel that way. If you are constantly feeling demotivated about your child’s progress, do reach out to others in the same boat for support and experience sharing. You are not alone in this journey.

Autism Red Flags 0

Our Son’s Autism Red Flags

Most parents were clueless on autism red flags until someone pointed it out. I wish I knew more people who talked about autism when our son was little so I could pin point his red flags to autism instead of assuming that he’s just a “difficult baby”, “problematic child” etc.. In the end, autism is a spectrum disorder so just because your child does or does not have the symptoms stated above doesn’t mean he or she is or isn’t autistic. Trust your motherly instinct and gut feel, do your own research and consult with your paed if you notice any red flags.

Home Sensory Diet 0

6 Sensory Diet Hacks at Home

Nations around the world are fully or partially locking down their cities. This time is especially hard for a child on the spectrum who needs their daily dose of sensory diet (ie: taking long walks, swinging in the playground, biking etc). Fret not! There are a number of simple and affordable activities you can do with your child at the comfort of your own home. We understand not everyone can afford a trampoline or indoor swing. I’m sure with a little creativity, you too can figure out some easy hacks for your child’s sensory diet

Autism Stim is Real 0

The Autism Stim is Real: Don’t Stop It

He would delicately move his fingers in front of his face while repetitively shout on top of his lungs. He also enjoys watching how the tree leaves sway with the wind. Then, combining gross motor with visual stims, he loves pacing in straight lines, observing symmetrical things like retail shelves are something he also enjoys. By identifying and learning your child’s autism stims, we hope it would help to bring you a step closer to your child and forge a stronger bond between you.

Syringe Feed Autism 0

How I Syringe-Feed My Toddler Alone

Having to syringe feed meds to a child on the autism spectrum can be plenty stressful. But I found a way to do it alone, totally stress-free with loads of laughter and zero cries! All it took was some creativity, playful execution, and tolerance to frustration. By the end of the day, when he sees his Mommy approaching him holding the syringe, he would let out a big laughter and start running again thinking the chase game had begun.

Reading to Hyperactive Child 0

9 Tips on How to Read to a Hyperactive Child

If you have given up on trying to read to your child because she seems to never pay attention or that she would wander off the moment you read the first line, you are not the first to face this challenge. Here we compile 9 tips on how to entice your child, create a positive experience, and hopefully get them to be interested in this wonderful joint-attention activity. It all starts with ourselves! How we run the activity, whether we listen and observe their cues, and whether we can keep things fresh are important.

Our Superhero 0

6 Reasons Why Our Son is Our Superhero

His autism and sensory disorder means his brain processes certain sensory input differently from ours. It is like he has spidey senses. Here’s how his brain works in terms of sensory processing”. This means that he takes in every sound and visual that there is to take in. He does not filter out white noise like we do, he hears them all. He hears all 3 Azan prayers from the suraus nearby, he hears the aircond, the dishes being washed, the fan whirring, the buzzing in the kitchen light, the cars on the streets.