Very Early Autism Signs below 1 year old

Early Autism Diagnosis

Can autism be diagnosed at newborn or below 1 years of age?

Medical professionals usually would only diagnose a child with autism at 2-3 years old as the symptoms tend to be clearer then. The earliest you can usually detect is at 18 months old BUT after I did my research of other families with autism and my observation of my own son, I have put together a list of symptoms that could mean your baby has autism features even before 1 year old.

Knowing the symptoms early on would be beneficial as the earlier the intervention, the better. I only started paying attention to his symptoms at 18 months so part of me wished I had noticed earlier. On hindsight, there were actually a few red flags from early on..

Early Autism Signs

  1. Very fussy baby when a newborn
  2. Difficulty falling asleep (takes up to an hour to make him fall asleep)
  3. Wakes up from nap quickly (ie: 30 mins)
  4. Skipped phases (ie: skipped/minimal crawling phase and went straight to cruising) this may seem like an advance thing but it actually affected his back muscle development.
  5. Throws everything he holds including toys. This lack of holding on to things led to lack of hand muscle development
  6. Refusal to touch food hence unable to train self feeding
  7. Disinterested in most conventional toys (ie: teddy bears, rattlers, baby books)
  8. Extreme interest in shapes, alphabets, and letters (ie: stops and stares at them for long periods and cries if object is removed)
  9. Excessive struggling when changing diapers
  10. Has aggressive moments even as a small baby. I still remember when he was 2-day old, the nurse came and told us that baby was scolding her when she was trying to change him!
  11. Last but not least – and this is the most important – that niggling feeling that your baby is different than others. This really came out strongly, since birth I always felt he was a little eccentric and my mom has always been commenting about how different he is from when she had me!

We wrote about our early struggles to feed our son without YouTube here.


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