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Autism Stim is Real 0

The Autism Stim is Real: Don’t Stop It

He would delicately move his fingers in front of his face while repetitively shout on top of his lungs. He also enjoys watching how the tree leaves sway with the wind. Then, combining gross motor with visual stims, he loves pacing in straight lines, observing symmetrical things like retail shelves are something he also enjoys. By identifying and learning your child’s autism stims, we hope it would help to bring you a step closer to your child and forge a stronger bond between you.

Our Superhero 0

6 Reasons Why Our Son is Our Superhero

His autism and sensory disorder means his brain processes certain sensory input differently from ours. It is like he has spidey senses. Here’s how his brain works in terms of sensory processing”. This means that he takes in every sound and visual that there is to take in. He does not filter out white noise like we do, he hears them all. He hears all 3 Azan prayers from the suraus nearby, he hears the aircond, the dishes being washed, the fan whirring, the buzzing in the kitchen light, the cars on the streets.