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5 homeschooling styles for autistic pre-schoolers

Sorry for the long hiatus! As you know, 2020 happened and that basically meant that everything has changed. I’ve started dabbling into the world of homeschooling as my 3 year old autistic son no longer attended pre-school. I thought I’d share some information on the types of homeschool syllabus I found suitable for pre-schoolers with autism.

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6 Things We Did Post-Autism Diagnosis

It can be truly challenging keeping emotions in check (not only your own, but those close to you), while keeping a clear head to learn what autism and neuro-diversity is, all while trying to figure out what is best for your child. At times, it may feel like you don’t do enough of everything to help your child and it is perfectly normal to feel that way. If you are constantly feeling demotivated about your child’s progress, do reach out to others in the same boat for support and experience sharing. You are not alone in this journey.

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Too Reliant on YouTube to feed my Autism child

We haven’t been able to get him to eat without YouTube running. And lately, even with YouTube, he has appeared to demand specific songs/videos but we could never tell which! So we would have escalated situations with frantic skipping and searching for videos until he stops whining and able to eat. What mortifies me is that at the current rate, we are becoming too reliant on having a running screen on to have him to feed!