Is Stubbornness an Autism Trait?

Stubbornness vs Autism

Autism or Compliance Issues?

Is he being stubborn or is it his autism? That is one question that had been bugging us for a while.

Besides just dealing with an autistic child with sensory disorder and global developmental delay (and possibly ADHD in future), we have to also deal with the normal aspects of the child.

Most of the time he’s elsewhere, but when he is present, he’s the most loving baby.

But he is soooo affectionate!

Yes, sometimes we tend to forget that he also have a personality that he’s born with just like everyone else. For instance he’s super affectionate, probably something he inherited from mommy’s DNA haha. But he is also super defiant.

We’ve always known but I guess I wasn’t sure about it once his autism diagnosis came in because autism is such a wide spectrum. But his therapist (and popo) pointed out his defiance and non-compliant personality, which apparently isn’t related to his autism at all.. oops…

So I now know that I’m dealing with an extra problem. Autism is tough, so are stubborn normal kids. So now let’s deal with an autistic stubborn kid ok? Sure. No problem. Let’s add one more challenge. Let’s go!


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