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Defiance or Autism?

Besides just dealing with an autistic child with sensory disorder and global developmental delay (and possibly ADHD in future), we have to also deal with the normal aspects of the child. Yes, sometimes we tend to forget that he also have a personality that he’s born with just like everyone else. For instance he’s super affectionate, probably something he inherited from mommy’s DNA haha. But he is also super defiant. We’ve always known but I guess I wasn’t sure about it once his autism diagnosis came in because autism is such a wide spectrum.

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Misconceptions About Autism vs Savantism

Every time I tell someone about my son, one of the most common things I hear is that autistic people have special abilities/gifts. In reality, this savantism trait really occurs to only 10% of autistic diagnoses. Autism is a spectrum disorder. Most likely these people have Aspergers Syndrome (which is now considered a mild for of autism). Individuals with Aspergers can be verbal and academic with no obvious learning disabilities but they still show some autism characteristics like being really antisocial, sensory issues.

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6 Things You Can Say to Parents of Autism Children

Most of people are unsure how to react when someone shares their child’s autism diagnosis. Due to lack of awareness on what autism is, some well-meaning friends, colleagues, or even family members may end up passing inappropriate comments/advice that may not be helpful especially to new autism parents. In this article, we would also like to share 6 things you CAN say that are kind, supportive and loving.

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5 Things Not To Say to Families with Autism Child

Almost all well-meaning people around us; friends, colleagues, neighbours, and even family members alike, had doubted our son’s autism diagnosis at one point in time. We know people have our best interest at heart and meant well, and we still love them; it just goes to show how severely awareness on autism is within our society. In spirit of spreading awareness, I would like to share 4 common comments that we had received that were less thoughtful.


Very Early Autism Signs below 1 year old

Medical professionals usually would only diagnose a child with autism at 2-3 years old as the symptoms tend to be clearer then. The earliest you can usually detect is at 18 months old BUT after I did my research of other families with autism and my observation of my own son, I have put together a list of symptoms that could mean your baby has autism features even before 1 year old. Knowing the symptoms early on would be beneficial as the earlier the intervention, the better.

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Too Reliant on YouTube to feed my Autism child

We haven’t been able to get him to eat without YouTube running. And lately, even with YouTube, he has appeared to demand specific songs/videos but we could never tell which! So we would have escalated situations with frantic skipping and searching for videos until he stops whining and able to eat. What mortifies me is that at the current rate, we are becoming too reliant on having a running screen on to have him to feed!

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The Calling for Autism Awareness

We want to spread the word, share little experiences, and contribute to the global cause of doing more to creating more awareness among humanity. We take this as a calling for to arms to educate people on autism awareness. The community needs to know about “other” children with an “alternate” state of neurodiversity too. We are making a stand that we shall not suffer in silence. We refuse to. And others like us should not have to.