Is my child ADHD too?

In my IG post, I mentioned William might get an ADHD diagnosis in future. Why do I say this? I  guess I need to explain myself as some might think I’m condemning my son too soon. We think there may be several reasons for this:

Observations & Hypothesis

1.  I’ve seen other autistic children. In therapy centres, in his school, on social media and YouTube videos. William is definitely one of the more hyperactive ones.

2. It is very common for autistic children to be diagnosed as ADHD as well (go follow @adamsautismfamily)

3. William’s score was borderline ADHD based on a questionnaire the doc asked me to do. He was not too worried as he said his attention span is not too bad.

4. Usually ADHD is diagnosed at a later age (ie: above 5 yo cos that’s when the symptoms are clearer). So at his age now it’s still a questionmark.

Seeing him being so active scares me for his future so I’m just mentally prepping myself first.


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