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6 Things We Did Post-Autism Diagnosis

It can be truly challenging keeping emotions in check (not only your own, but those close to you), while keeping a clear head to learn what autism and neuro-diversity is, all while trying to figure out what is best for your child. At times, it may feel like you don’t do enough of everything to help your child and it is perfectly normal to feel that way. If you are constantly feeling demotivated about your child’s progress, do reach out to others in the same boat for support and experience sharing. You are not alone in this journey.

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How I Syringe-Feed My Toddler Alone

Having to syringe feed meds to a child on the autism spectrum can be plenty stressful. But I found a way to do it alone, totally stress-free with loads of laughter and zero cries! All it took was some creativity, playful execution, and tolerance to frustration. By the end of the day, when he sees his Mommy approaching him holding the syringe, he would let out a big laughter and start running again thinking the chase game had begun.

Dining Out 0

Restaurant Dining with an Autistic Child

The waiters were all very amused with him, one tried to engage him few times but he gave no eye contact or respond. The other customers were probably annoyed and judging me. He was SO noisy. But I just couldn’t do anything. I know they probably think he deserves scolding or spanking. But to us he’s doing so well just self entertaining instead of having a tantrum and anxiety. I wish they understand but they don’t. I don’t blame them. Me last year would probably judge myself too.


Very Early Autism Signs below 1 year old

Medical professionals usually would only diagnose a child with autism at 2-3 years old as the symptoms tend to be clearer then. The earliest you can usually detect is at 18 months old BUT after I did my research of other families with autism and my observation of my own son, I have put together a list of symptoms that could mean your baby has autism features even before 1 year old. Knowing the symptoms early on would be beneficial as the earlier the intervention, the better.

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Too Reliant on YouTube to feed my Autism child

We haven’t been able to get him to eat without YouTube running. And lately, even with YouTube, he has appeared to demand specific songs/videos but we could never tell which! So we would have escalated situations with frantic skipping and searching for videos until he stops whining and able to eat. What mortifies me is that at the current rate, we are becoming too reliant on having a running screen on to have him to feed!

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The Calling for Autism Awareness

We want to spread the word, share little experiences, and contribute to the global cause of doing more to creating more awareness among humanity. We take this as a calling for to arms to educate people on autism awareness. The community needs to know about “other” children with an “alternate” state of neurodiversity too. We are making a stand that we shall not suffer in silence. We refuse to. And others like us should not have to.