6 Things You Can Say to Parents of Autism Children

Most of people are unsure how to react when someone shares their child’s autism diagnosis. Due to lack of awareness on what autism is, some well-meaning friends, colleagues, or even family members may end up passing inappropriate comments/advice that may not be helpful especially to new autism parents. We have previously covered 5 things not to say to autism parents in another article , if you’re interested.

So, it is a big deal when a parent decides to shares their child’s autism diagnosis to someone. Especially so when disclosure or denial of an autism diagnosis in fear of judgement within the society is a very real. In this article, we would also like to share 6 things you CAN say that are kind, supportive and loving. Having gone through that myself, I would attest that hearing supportive and positive responses are strong psychological counters to those depressing vibes we get from those developmental pediatricians telling you that your child will never hold your hand, will never speak, and will never love you.

Take it day by day / one step at a time.


It must not be easy for you and family. Stay strong for your child. He needs you more than ever.”

It cannot be stated just how much mentally affected parents are when told their child is on the autism spectrum. Some of us spiraled into depressions and some may never recover 🙁

If there’s anything you need that I can help with, please just let me know

I is really nice and assuring to know people having your back especially those close to you.

Take it day by day / one step at a time. Don’t cloud your mind too far into the future and forget about being present

Deep down, they mourn for the obliteration of the hopes and dreams they had for their child, but telling them to take it easy actually helps to get them focusing on the present.

What did the doctors say?


What did the doctors say? Can he get better?

You sincerity is on display here. It shows that you are genuinely here to listen and be supportive in understanding the situation better without judging.

If you don’t mind, can you share what is autism about and what are the symptoms?

Again, most do not mind sharing more about what autism is so that more people are aware.

Here’s a good article I found that I think is so informative for me. I hope this would be helpful to you too

If they are like my wife, most likely they would have scoured through the internet for all related articles that could be helpful. But hey, it’s the thought that counts. And this one just shows that you are very thoughtful and sincere.


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