6 Sensory Diet Hacks at Home

Sensory Diet Hacks at Home

Nations around the world are fully or partially locking down their cities. This time is especially hard for a child on the autism spectrum who needs their daily dose of sensory diet (ie: taking long walks, swinging in the playground, biking etc)

Fret not! There are a number of simple and affordable activities you can do with your child at the comfort of your own home. We understand not everyone can afford a trampoline or indoor swing. My child craves vestibular sensations so my tips here are mainly catered toward that. I’m sure with a little creativity, you too can figure out some easy hacks for your child’s sensory diet

1. Spinning on a swivel chair

2. Bouncing on a yoga ball either sitting or standing

3. Twisting on a waist twister! (It’s so cheap online and so easy)

4. Using Yoga blocks as stepping stones

5. Line up your dining chairs and create an obstacle course/balancing beam

If your child is older leave a gap for them to hop over (please supervise your child for this one)

6. Blanket swing!

This one requires 2 person but it’s a great way for both parents to bond with the child at the same time and encourages eye contact too!

Hope this helps. Have fun and stay safe guys!

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